I used to think that hard work was the key to success. I had no problem with that so I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. I put in the time. 100-hour work weeks, with Sunday afternoon being my me-time was the norm for me. I was running all over the place, making decent money, but there was a limit. I was trading time for money and we only have so much time.

I realized that hard work alone was not going to be enough. So I made some changes. I started looking for opportunities. I got into all sorts of things – network marketing, franchises, online products, partnerships and investing. I had some early success, but most ended in failure.



These experiences taught me one very valuable lesson – that time (and how we invest it) is the single most important factor in success. I went on to study everything I could on personal development, focusing in on time management. Why? Because regardless of the client I worked with or what field they were in, time was the one factor that affected everyone.



It has become apparent that workers all over the world, from America to Europe to Asia, are more stressed than ever before.  The leading causes of stress are financial and health, both of which have a direct correlation to time. Employee stress needs to be addressed; otherwise, it will eat away at productivity and profitability.

We see more and more companies such as Facebook, Google and Salesforce investing in the physical and mental health of their workers. Why? Because they understand that in today’s environment acquiring and keeping talent is critical. The result has allowed them to consistently rank as the best places to work.

When a company invests in employee growth, they can increase staff engagement and satisfaction, differentiate themselves from competitors, and ultimately drive business growth.

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– The One-BIte Time Management System

Studies have shown that over 80% of employees time is spent on things of little or no value. Knowing that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a stunning 6.3 hours of employees time a day is devoted to emails. Time management and productivity is something most companies struggle with, from CEOs all the way down. The pressure to achieve has never been harder with competition growing stronger every day. Only the companies that adapt to this changing environment will continue to prosper in the years to come.

Productivity is primarily linked to two main areas – time management and mindset. Money alone can only entice employees so much, today more and more employees demand the companies they work for stand for something good. Companies need to show they are just as interested in helping their clients as they are their own employees.

This presentation will empower your employees with highly practical tools that will allow them to get more done in less time with less stress.

  • Audience members will get over 50 powerful time management techniques in existence and the secrets to getting the most out of them.
  • Audience members will learn the pitfalls that so many people make and how to overcome them.
  • Audience members will learn how to reduce stress quickly using simple techniques in their daily lives that will boost productivity and overall satisfaction.


– The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Winning Is An Inside Game

We all know that we need a good diet for our health, but what we forget is we need a diet for our mind as well. That’s why success begins with our mindset. Entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Jeff Besos, Jack Ma, and Mark Zuckerburg think differently which allows them to be uber-productive.

Productivity and employee satisfaction are interlinked. Companies that empower their employees’ healthier and more productive lifestyle reduce attrition in both clients and employees. Customer and employee satisfaction have a direct effect on companies’ profits, not to mention their reputation.

  • Audience members will explore the four areas of productivity and how they are linked to the 5-stages of personal achievement.
  • Audience members will discover the mindset and behavior shifts that will allow them to get more done and increase creativity.
  • Audience members will be empowered to tend to both their physical and mental well-being.



Normally I charge $25,000 ($35,000 International) for a 2-full day consultation like this, but at present, I’m working on a very exclusive deal that will require me to step out of my comfort zone and really up my game.  I want to ensure my talents are razor sharp and want to work with as many businesses as possible beforehand.

As a result, I’m willing to offer you my services at a sizeable discount.

Here’s what you’ll receive…

  • 2 Days Consulting – Day 1 consists of a 6-hour presentation broken into two parts. Day 2 is where I’ll look for areas where the concepts I shared in the presentation can be applied in your business. ($30,000 value)
  • The One-Bite Time Management and Business Growth Audit Assessment” designed to help you think about and improve all your business. ($500 value)
  • Six 60-Minute One-On-One Sessions over the phone where we will go over any problems/solutions you may have had incorporating the techniques in the program. ($2400 value)
  • Complete Recording of the calls in MP3 format for you to listen to again and again to soak in all the information covered.
  • Email follow-up any time within 2 months of our consultation to help you understand and apply anything discussed. ($5000 value)
  • Access to my PRIVATE NOTES on many of the best time personal development and marketing books, audio lectures and DVD trainings on the market, saving you hundreds of hours of personal study. (??? value).

All of this for only $15,000 ($25,000 International)… And it’s totally risk-free to you.



I have one goal – to transform how you do business. I guarantee that as long as you implement just some of the concepts contained within the One-Bite Time Management System you will not only free up at least 2 hours a day in 60 days or less but also double your investment.

If at any time within those 60 days, you feel you didn’t get your money’s worth, you’ll receive a FULL refund of the entire package (minus travel expenses). I think you’ll agree that’s beyond fair and demonstrates my belief in my programs to deliver REAL results for you.

To your success and your freedom,



Your success means everything to me. That’s why as a bonus for purchasing One-Bite Time Management Consulting, you will receive a special training on how to put joint ventures to work for your business, a topic NEVER discussed in any of the time management programs I have come across.

Developing joint venture strategic partnerships is one of the fastest and easiest ways to grow any business which is why people regularly spend over $10,000 to learn the concepts I’ll share with you ABSOLUTELY FREE.

You’ll be given a sales and marketing audit report that companies have paid $5000 for. After filling in the audit, we’ll set up a call in which I’ll go through it with you focusing on your business’ specific weaknesses to see if Joint Ventures would work for your business.