One Bite Time Management System



Overworked? Frustrated? Feeling trapped? All common feelings in today’s ultra high-speed world.

For most people there simply isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Cushy 9 to 5 jobs are long gone.

Today, time is the single most powerful resource we have, and yet so few of us understand how to use it effectively.

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This is a powerful, practical, fast moving program full of great ideas on productivity that you can use immediately to get more done faster.

– Brian Tracy, best-selling author of “Eat That Frog”

Time Management Courses


How much is a 3-Month, 1-on-1 exclusive coaching program, online assessment and access to me worth to you and your business?

Often times in life, the simplest changes can make the most difference. The only problem is knowing what those changes are.

In this program, I’ll get to the root of your (time) problems and create a personalized plan for you to implement and take back control of your life.


“How to transform your business and free up more time than you ever imagined by implementing simple, easy secrets allowing you the freedom to see the pyramids, grow your business, or go to your son’s swim meet…completely STRESS-FREE!”

Over 2 Full Days, I’ll analyze every aspect of your business and share ideas and strategies to optimize and streamline your operations. After which time, you’ll have access to me for 3 months to ensure maximum results.

The One-Bite Time Management System - $97

The Time Management System (TMS) That Transformed My High-Stress, No Vacation, 60 Hour Work-Week Into A Lean-Mean Well-Oiled 12-Hour Stress-Free, Ultra-Productive Work Week That I Actually Look Forward To…Can Now Be Yours.

Back in high school, my parents would sometimes ask me why I couldn’t finish my homework. My answer might sound familiar – “I had no time.”

Sound familiar?

The MINI One-Bite Time Management System - $37

This 30-minute no-nonsense program was designed with speed and effectiveness in mind.

If you’re pressed for time, this is the program for you.

No hassle.

No heavy lifting.

Nothing, but the simplest, most effective way to free up time in your life, FAST.

The One-Bite Time Management System for Sales People - $97

The first ever time management program designed specifically for the modern sales’ person.

This 2-hour presentation looks at how sales people can use time most effectively and in doing so, increase their bottom line.

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Unlike the One-Bite TMS which is a one-size-fits-all sort of program, the One-Bite Time Management System for Sales People keeps the rigors of the sales person’s daily life in mind.

Joint Venture Broker & Consultant

Joint Ventures are the ultimate business time management model; using existing assets from strategic partnerships to generate leads, increase sales, and enhance client experience for both parties.

The 20th-century competitive business model has given way to a 21st-century collaborative one.

Companies that embrace this new model will not just survive but thrive in the years to come.

As a Joint Venture Broker, I work with companies looking to grow their businesses 25%-100% or more and do it without spending any additional costs on advertising.